Call to action link to an ondemand webcast

If I want to link to an on demand webcast through a Call to action should I select webcast in the dropdown or URL.

I do not want to go into the lobby I want to go into the webcast itself.

Hi Edward, Happy to help! I would recommend selecting Webcast. As long as the registration fields are identical across the two webinars, there will be seamless experience for the user, landing them directly into the ondemand webinar experience, while still capturing the registration information in the webcast analytics. You can read more about this in this help article in the Knowledge Center.

Tiffany Beddow
Director, Customer Marketing, ON24

Thank you. Presumably if the fields are not identical the data does not pass across, but the person still gets access?

Tiffany - is there anyway of checking whether the URL will work ahead of the event?